Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand

In New Zealand I’d always voted Green, but it was moving to the UK that gave me a global perspective on the challenges facing the environment and humanity both at home and beyond – and sparked the desire to make a difference. I’ve volunteered for the Greens on a professional level for over seven years from both sides of the world.

Brand Leadership

My zest for design has always made its mark on the overseas campaigns, adapting NZ work for an expat audience or creating entirely new work. But since 2016, within the Fundraising and Marketing Committee, I’ve been able to take a pivotal, creative-director-like role; from establishing sub-brands and visual standards, to fostering merchandise collaborations with ethical tea and and coffee brands.

With a widespread volunteer membership generating design work, creating the Greens’ first online brand book – the Member’s Brand Toolkit – has been an important step in fostering greater professional standards at every level.

Raising the standard of merchandise has also been a passion for me. Working remotely from the UK in 2018 I’ve led the creation of a new range of merchandise, featuring bespoke illustrations from kiwi artists, and launching them via a revamped online shop in the process.


With tens of thousands of Kiwis living in Britain, the expat vote has always been an open goal. From 2012 I took on a leadership role in the overseas campaign team, and helped develop a lively online and offline presence in London.  Events and tactical creative like online Māori language lessons (with a London twist) keep things active outside election years.

While back in NZ in 2016-17 I got involved in the brand refresh and election campaign development. So when I returned to the UK I was in a great position to curate all the expat campaign creative elements leading up to September’s general election – from lively social media channels to producing video on a pop-up tour around Europe – helping make it the biggest, most cohesive, and most global expat campaign to date, with a record 150,000 views of our how-to-vote-from-overseas video.

The 2017 overseas campaign has been showcased to Green Parties across Europe, keen to emulate its success – because not only did overseas votes result in an extra Green MP into Parliament, the change in seat percentages from overseas votes also turned the tide of coalition talks, resulting in a change of government and the Greens in Parliament for the first time.