POINTED Post No.1 - Give Nothing to Racism

I thought I’d start Pointed with an incredibly simply executed yet deeply thought through campaign from my homeland of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Taika Waititi is most certainly an actor and director with comedic brilliance (take a look at an exceptional road safety TVC by him) and production company Curious Film did a brilliant, minimalist job, but to me there’s no mistaking a lot of the genius in the Give Racism Nothing campaign has also come from a classically thorough creative process from agency Clemenger BBDO – deceptively simple, twist-driven concept, and finely crafted scriptwriting.

The interactive mechanism on the website picked up a Silver AWARD for ‘best use of unpaid influencers’, and there are some beautifully crafted other elements to the campaign. But for me even if you only watched this single piece of video, the wit, originality and depth is still going to make an impact.