POINTED Post No.2 - Ryman Eco

I love sustainability. And I love fonts! So I felt a little spark of joy back in 2014 when I first came across Ryman Eco – a sustainable typeface.  Designed to use 33% less ink on standard documents (aka in body copy and small point sizes), the idea is that the thin lines merge together, visually and/or with ink fill and bleed; making it just as legible as a regular serif.

Ryman is a fairly typical UK chain of stationery stores, and who knows how deep this sustainability drive really runs through the company, but I think this is a really solid and original initiative – a pro bono project by Grey London.

Then last year I came across The Alphabet Poster Project, which had 26 typographers, designers, illustrators and art directors create an artwork featuring a single character from the Ryman Eco font alphabet.

Then, even better, it all came together in a beautiful piece of filmmaking.

Check out the site at rymaneco.co.uk – and for a deep-dive, watch the extra video content delving into the nitty-gritty with the typographers.