POINTED Post No.3 - Fearless Girl

In this era where everything (including creativity) seems to be measured by clicks and channels, I love the singular simplicity of this as an advertising idea and execution, with a message as strong as the bronze it’s sculpted from.

But there’s more to this than just artistry.

Fearless Girl was devised by McCann for State Street Global Advisors. Crafted by sculptor Kristen Visbal for International Women’s Day 2017, Fearless Girl stands opposite Manhattan’s bronze bull, a symbol of aggressive financial success on New York City’s infamous Wall Street.

Her defiant pose against the fierce bulk of the bull was designed to symbolise and encourage companies to put women into leadership positions. And according to a press release by State Street a year after her arrival, Fearless Girl and the surrounding media impact, has made a tangible difference for gender equality.

There has been no lack of controversy, but to me the pure symbolism of Fearless Girl still stands above any of that, with a life of her own. The swathes of selfies showed how inspiring she could be, but also provided, in a cunning bit of strategy, a PR storm and a viral campaign without the agency ever switching on a camera themselves.

Some years ago I was really struck when reading in book The World Without Us that bronze is one of humankind’s longest lasting creations. So even if Manhattan ends up under water within our lifetimes, some great creative thinking and aspiration for a fairer society could still be around in centuries to come. What art director couldn’t be happy about that!