POINTED Post No.4 - Elephant Arrival

Here’s a quick-fire and more whimsical post; one of my old favourites that I spotted a few years ago from International Fund for Animal Welfare.

I love this both as a piece of quirky conceptual thinking, and as a piece of meticulous filmmaking and art direction. From the ‘random plane-spotter’s camcorder’ vibe in the way it’s shot, edited and sound- designed, to touches like the elephant having a bit of yaw to offset a crosswind, just as an airliner would.

 As much as the creativity makes me smile, I think it’s not that great on getting a point across. ‘If they wanted to come they would’ is forced and clunky, and ‘animals are not souvenirs’ feels too far of a step from the visual idea, so the takeaway at the end is really weak.

 On the plus side though, digging this up has me now exploring the IFAW website and films. Wildlife conservation is an issue that really fires me up and for all it’s letdowns, if I’d made this little film I would’ve been a very happy creative.