Molecular harmony

In 2010 I art-directed a medical animation which (and I say with genuine modesty) set a precedent for creativity in the pharmaceutical ‘mode of action video’ niche. 

So when I had two opportunities to concept and art direct new films of this type, I was dead keen. While the first, an 80’s-top-scrolling-arcade-game concept, fell by the wayside as the client redefined their brief, the second has finally come to fruition, all lovingly (and patiently – with my ruthless attention to detail and torrents of references) brought to life by my frequent collaborative partners, Finger Industries in Sheffield.

As with my original mode of action film mentioned above, the brief was to show doctors how a new drug works in a clear and compelling way while being accurate with the science – and in this case, in only 2 minutes. Similarly there was again a very conceptual challenge involved, to visualise enzymes and chemicals as tangible objects that move and interact. However with this product an even greater level of precision was needed to satisfy the clients in Japan (the first launch market for this global piece) – who despite their nation’s reputation for crazy advertising, found a conceptual approach harder to swallow without pinpoint scientific accuracy.

With this film I’ve certainly cemented two opinions: that these ‘mode of action’ films can be creatively rewarding, but that the development and animation process is not one that can be rushed or done on the cheap.