Māori Language for Londoners

I've never really celebrated Māori Language Week before, but the beginning of this 2016 one means the culmination of a big personal effort, creating and producing a campaign of online films for Kiwi Greens UK, the London branch of the New Zealand Green Party.

Te Reo for London (#ReoRānana) is aimed at New Zealanders living in London. It was inspired by a mixture of the language podcasts I used to listen to before heading to European holidays, and the experience of being surrounded by so many other languages in London – and feeling a bit left out, thinking it would be great to know a bit more of New Zealand's second language.

So in conjunction with the team in London I've spent quite a few weeks planning, shooting, and, editing, plus creating all the design and social media blitz to go with it.

The aim was to find phrases that were relevant and useful, but also have a sense of irony and humour, which is a real challenge to get right.

While it might seem like bad timing with the post-Brexit surge of xenophobia and racism, even for just speaking other languages, the team in London and I agreed that it's even more relevant for Kiwis in the UK to embrace the diversity of their origins. 

Read some more about the project on the Kiwi Greens UK blog post. The films will be released each morning until Sunday (UK time) so you can either follow the Kiwi Greens UK Facebook page or Twitter (@KiwiGreensUK), or just go direct to the Vimeo channel.