Working out

Hot off the social feed are two pieces of content I shot and edited for my local fitness and yoga centre, Energy for Life.

Having been part of the functional fitness, calisthenics and yoga classes at EFL for the past year gave me a great insight into not only what exercises and postures to capture, but an understanding of the special community vibe that makes EFL more than just a ‘gym’.

Having said that, it was certainly full of challenges and a learning experiences, from shooting in odd lighting and colour temperature conditions to editing for the blink-and-they’ve-scrolled-on Facebook ad environment.

Some of the best clips are yet to see the light of day, but I have no doubt that if I hadn’t shot so much it would have been much more difficult to cover the breadth of demographic, skill level, and activities in the two Facebook ads, targeted at male and female audiences.

On a lighter note, I enjoyed shooting a range of stills across two different classes, capturing some genuine human moments.