A drop in the ocean

Here's a short little piece I played cameraman on a couple of months ago, for Brighton agency Very Tall and their client Red Bull Amaphiko.

The original brief was to take some elderly gents with dementia out for a sail and film them having a very nautical good time. But sadly the weather was too rough for them.

However a backup idea was to still go out for a journey beforehand, to at least get some footage at sea, with just the crew and myself.

I would have been literally tethered to the deck, pointing a GoPro into the face of the weather gods. I was super excited and ready for action! But the wind was so strong they couldn't even get the boat away from the pontoon.

So in the end it was simply filming the old boys enjoying tea and tying knots on the boat bobbing about in the marina (still a tricky task getting a steady shot). Nevertheless, it was a really enjoyable experience firstly seeing the positive effect on them from even sitting on the boat, and secondly meeting and spending time with the crew and volunteers of the Sail Boat Project.

Watch the original post on the Red Bull Amaphiko Facebook channel, here.