Portfolio B: New Zealand Certified Builders

As a creative, there are often a lot of smaller projects that were fun or came out really nicely, but are too small or too niche to have a place in your main portfolio. I’ve recently been digging through my archives and decided to bring some of these unsung favourites – my Portfolio B – out to see the light of day.

While freelancing at the agency Wave in 2016, I worked on TVC concepts for the re-branding of New Zealand Certified Builders association.  With this 15-second teaser ad, the challenge was how to make a change of logo visually interesting and feel relevant to both ‘the trade’ and consumers.  

I moved on to take up my role as CD at Essence before I had a chance to be part of the shoot, so it was a nice surprise to see it pop up on TV a few months later, more or less exactly as I’d written and storyboarded. It’s mildly disappointing to spot that the nail gun isn’t actually firing – there are no nails visible at the end– but overall it’s a fun little piece of art-direction-driven creative I’m pleased to have in my Portfolio B.