Portfolio B: Cork

As a creative, there are often a lot of smaller projects that were fun or came out really nicely, but are too small or too niche to have a place in your main portfolio. I’ve recently been digging through my archives and decided to bring some of these unsung favourites – my Portfolio B – out to see the light of day.

Don’t tell my younger, TVC-stars-in-his-eyes self, but I do quite like a good bit of DM (direct mail).

This giant-scale champagne cork was sent out to invite clients to the opening of Langland’s new agency space in Windsor. Big space, big party! Apart from having time and budget to examine and emulate the (crappy) nuances of champagne cork typography, one of the pleasures was seeing it made from proper cork, thanks to the diligence of the production manager finding an artisan cork craftsman in Scotland. That is, after playing bullish creative and insisting that no, it couldn’t be made from polystyrene (!).