Portfolio B: Australian National Security

As a creative, there are often a lot of smaller projects that were fun or came out really nicely, but are too small or too niche to have a place in your main portfolio. I’ve recently been digging through my archives and decided to bring some of these unsung favourites – my Portfolio B – out to see the light of day.

I have a lot of trade ads under my belt, but while freelancing at Wave Advertising in New Zealand, this one took ‘niche’ to a new level.

The brief was get the attention of top-level Australian defence and government staff and get them to consider Gallagher’s high-end intruder alarm monitoring system for their highest-security installations. Gallagher’s visual house style had a precedent of the illustrative ‘mini-chunk-of-world’ style of visual, so I proposed depicting the whole country purely made of national security infrastructure – power stations, radar & satellite installations, military assets, and all the support bits and bobs around it (I would have loved to add even more detail but there's only so much you push your weight around as a freelancer!


It was a fascinating bit of research and an exercise in detail and credibility – right down to drawing a runway from scratch in Adobe Illustrator and choosing to show the Boeing E7A Wedgetail electronic warfare plane, instead of a more obvious F/A-18 fighter (luckily, and unusually, a 3D software model of the E7A was available to buy, complete with RAAF markings!).

The in-house team at Wave did a great job putting this together in 3D, and though it only ran as an eDM and a print ad, it’s another nice little addition to my Portfolio B.