Behind the behind the Scenes

I’ve always been a fan of behind-the-scenes, and last year had a couple of opportunities to shoot and edit some for two very different brands. Although not on the same scale as the actual productions, creating good ‘BTS’ films with any substance is no quick and dirty job – as much thought and passion goes into these edits as anything else I work on.

For Earl Films, the brief was to showcase the complexities of talent, technical ability and time involved in creating a slick piece aimed at healthcare professionals in the eyecare sector. Shooting with a 5D in such a well-lit, roomy studio created mostly nice-to-have challenges of how to choose from lots of good shots, and keep the film short.

For London PR giant The PHA Group, the brief was to provide social media content to pique the interest of fans of ‘influencer’ and model Erin McNaught and tease the launch of the Link Nutrition range in the UK.

For this shoot I rented a small Canon XA35 ‘Handycam’ style camera to avoid the faffing around with lenses and rigs. Although the difference in image clarity from my usual camera choice was a little disappointing, being able to squeeze around all the goings-on in a really fast-paced day was invaluable and the final films were still really well received.