Montages and Voxpops

Late last year I worked on two pieces of film that came from very different industries, but were connected by a sort of ‘yin and yang’ vibe.

My friend and collaborator Riccardo Sai and his agency Mesago created two films showcasing the work of SaniService in Albania. The original brief was to write a voiceover and create some title graphics for a classic montage style corporate film.

But apart from finding myself taking on a strategist/account director niche to dig up the core insights and a strategy, I realised that the film really needed to hear from the people in Albania to engage audiences in Albania – seeing and hearing from the hospital staff, brought a human touch to what would have been a sterile (!) corporate montage.

There were two versions, a full-length B2B film and a shorter consumer-facing 60 second version, as here

Meanwhile in London, I directed and edited the first ‘showreel’ for Digital Leadership Forum. I knew from shooting stills for several of their events that there was a great vibe waiting to be captured. But their existing video content, via a quid pro quo with a digital content agency (who provided the camera operator), wasjust simple voxpops for social media bursts.

So my proposal was the inverse of SaniService – bring in the montages and tell a visual story, not just a verbal one.

Kit-geek note: It might be of interest to some to compare the looks – the SaniService was shot on a Canon C300, and DLF on a Sony FS7.